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In April 2008, established in Kunshan, Suzhou, Sichuan and Japan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Source:RuiAn Fengri Machinery Co.,Ltd.    Addtime:2012-7-19 18:33:56
Established in Kunshan, Suzhou, Sichuan and Japan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in April 2008. The company has sophisticated manufacturing equipment, strong technical force, perfect quality management and after-sales service. Product quality-oriented, the interests of customers first, to win the majority of users rely and praise, products sold at home and abroad. The company adopts foreign advanced technology and manufacturing, innovation, after ten years of transformation and self-developed models and customize a variety of difficult multi-purpose models. Feng Japanese companies brought to the user is not only a product, more importantly, service and technical expertise. The company opened technical training courses year round, high-tech training for customers, skilled employees. The fierce competitive market, always adhere to "quality first, customer first" for business purposes, the rooms at home and abroad to provide better, more excellent service. Customers and our common open the win-win situation.
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