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The five printing method allows you to select a more accurate
Source:RuiAn Fengri Machinery Co.,Ltd.    Addtime:2012-7-19 18:46:16
Five kinds of different printing methods, must be in accordance with the needs of the printed matter with the appropriate printing method, printed material in order to have the desired effect.
First, the typography

More text, photos and drawings, opportunities to change the text, the number of printed materials - print hundreds or thousands of safe use of typography. The number of type print should not exceed 30,000 fine picture electric version is also not advisable for more than seven, eighty. The printed image must choose the pink paper to get the perfect outlets. It is not cheap paper printed pictures and hope to achieve beautiful results. When using the letterpress cable version of the form, the junction of the line easily separated out of touch, which is a common drawback. In addition, by printing too much pressure or the pressure tube surface is too soft will enable manufactures sheets of the back of the relief-like bulge, which would greatly reduce the quality of the print.

Second, the offset printing

The biggest difference of offset printing and letterpress printing letterpress printing printed screen image must be selected smooth surface of the paper, offset printing, but it is not necessary, as long as the paper not overly rough. Printed on screen better than letterpress soft, and easily printed on a round dot.

Resin version or nylon version to another through several version better than the above have to wear plates of up to one million impressions, can be said to be the oldest printed version. However, the use of such plates have been slightly different with ordinary offset printing method is not dampening system is known as "dry offset printing.

More generally printed pictures, image area is larger, more preferable to offset printing and should not be used letterpress printing. As mentioned above, printed on offset printing photo quality is better than the typography is based on the general color printing, four-color printing to offset printing, not letterpress printing.

(3), gravure

Gravure printing suitable for printing high-quality and high value publications, whether it is a four-color or black and white picture, gravure can be highly resembles the photographic prints. Plate fee is expensive, must be large-volume, so in Hong Kong is a drawn down at least five kinds of printing.

Fourth, the screen printing

Screen printing ink is particularly strong, the most preferable to print special effects, the number of small ink needs a strong particularly suitable. They can be printed such as a square box, box, round bottles, cans and other facilities in the three-dimensional on In addition to paper printed on the bottom can also be printed on cloth, plywood, plastic sheets, metal sheets, glass, etc., is common to printed pennants, T-shirts, corrugated boxes, soda bottles, circuit boards, etc.. The above-mentioned characteristics of various types of printing are other printing methods can not.

Five, the tape printing (rubber printing)

The tape printing only applies to printed plastic bags, hand-drawn, the size of the plastic packaging. Sheets enter the printer is not leaflets, but roll, India and China to gradually cut. Fine degree of a printing line is far smaller than the offset and letterpress printing, and visible tape printing is not needed for printing books and publications.
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